Sand and Sea

We found each other
below a sky
of imitation stars
when the thread of love
stitched its way
into our bodies.
Your skin against mine
in the hot air
of a suffocating summer room
under glow-in-the dark stars
stuck to navy paint–
this is where we became entwined,
flesh and bone,
love and longing.
Now I scan strange faces
and landscapes
for traces you might have left behind,
like a face on a screen
telling me facts
and data
that can’t understand
the curve of your mouth
or the timbre of your laugh.
I see what you want
the world to see,
pieced and parcelled
in careful packages
of finite information.
It is not the real you.
One day,
we’ll find each other again
beneath a river of burning starlight,
where firelight will flicker
in your eyes
and redefine the pieces
I thought I knew.
I will see your soul
under real stars,
next to an unfathomable ocean,
below a rain storm
where drops of love
will flow down my skin
like rivers of water.
I will run into your arms,
a flash flood of desire,
and you will finally see
all the pieces I thought
I had left scattered
on the desert floor.


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