Skipping Stones

Fire shifts,
like love.
It undulates,
making waves
of the still,
prying hope
into the abyss.
Can flames morph into
embers be built from stone?
My tears
have turned to
without you.
I am frozen,
a wall of
metal tears
I shed for the
loss of you.
Like skipping stones,
our love landed
only to sail away
and sink again.
Stones slipping into rivers
the same way
you slipped away from me.
The cosmic pull
of your words
floating in space
prevents me from forgetting.
We are a supernova,
a sonic blast.
A force.
A dream.
A race.
We were going to be
love’s victory.
we drifted into
broken pieces
of something whole,
shattered images
of love’s retreat.
I should release you,
bury you in sand and stone,
see you wither away
like dust on the sea floor.
I should say goodbye
before my sanity departs,
but my throat aches
without your name
and my bruises deepen
without your touch.
I am adrift
on open seas
or open air–
I’m not sure which
but I know
I’m suffocating
or drowning
or something in between
and maybe all I need
or ever needed
is you.

This post is a mash up of several of my recent tweets. What do you think?


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