I thought I’d been tamed
My inner beast at bay
But I’ve just been waiting
To release my eviscerating
Wilderness into the fray
Candles flicker
Casting shades of nostalgia
On the planes of my cheeks.
I close my eyes,
Take a breath,
Make a wish.

For you.

But it’s just words,
Pen and ink,
tears and paper,
So how can I tell you
That your words
Are worth all
The water in the world?
Instead I whisper
into the night,
“Give me your serum and
I’ll give you my truth.”
Because clarity lies beyond the pain,
Behind the hard choices,
Underneath the lies.
Our Runes are cast
In silent proclamation,
Glorious indignation,
Magical infatuation
Of a love that cannot be lost.
Honesty hides
But if we try
we can ever get there


Twitter mash up precedes. πŸ™‚


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