Fragile Hearts

We of the fragile hearts
need patience,
need truth,
need words,
to reconcile the brokenness
that consumes us
like liquid fire.
Because of you,
I’m stronger,
I’m at peace
and in tumult.
I’m broken
and healed.
Because of you,
I found me.
You left me a map
to your heart,
one crisscrossed
with trailing vines
that tangled around my feet,
so I carried them with me.
Through the darkness,
you were
my hero,
my heartbreak,
my haunting.
You were
my professor,
my passion,
my prize fighter.
I walked until
my feet bled
and my hands bled
and my heart bled
in the end
you are
the only thing
I remember to
fight for.


Twitter mash up precedes. ๐Ÿ™‚


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