Summer Snowflakes

These enchanting realms
of perfection manifest
exist in memories
of imperfect pasts
remembered perfectly.
It was a surprise,
that first kiss,
full of heat
and wonder
and star-lined ceilings
and hope
and promise
and a future
never to be.
You sunk your
fish hooks
into my heart,
slowly ripping it
from my chest.
And I was overwhelmed
by the magnitude
of it all.
I found you
by candlelight,
flickering love
to guide my way.
Feet bloody and tired,
I need protection
from your ashes
that hover like
summer snowflakes
in mid-fall.
In this gloaming,
there is only
you and me
and the words whispered
in times not remembered
until too late.
I escape into you,
build castles
and mountains
and star-crusted skies
from letters
that never quite say
what I need to.
So I imagine your fingers
twined with mine,
silvery sand in my toes,
aquamarine ocean
blurring the lines
between love and obligation,
and I call out
into ocean darkness,
“try not to forget me.”


Twitter mash up precedes. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Summer Snowflakes

  1. That last line, “try not to forget me”, just makes me want to cry, a tear for each and every person in my past that I loved but had to let go. There are many people I’ve forgotten but the ones who made a real impact will always be a part of my soul, even if they are no longer a part of my life. Beautiful poem!


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