An ocean of regret
in front and behind.
I look down
at my hands,
guilty and broken
and I wonder
how to rinse
them free from
the longing
that sticks
to my bones
like skin
while storm winds
swirl around me
my feet to flee
because this life
is merely existing
if I’m living it
without you.
But if you are my nightmares,
how are you my dreams?
I need you to
reach for me,
my love,
and feel the pain
sticking to my skin
and know that
only your hands
can heal this heartache
hovering like a ghost.
Our history is written
in the blood we spilled
when you were mine.
It’s old
and rusted
and used up
just like my heart,
just like us.
An underground war
lives under my skin
behind my eyes
and inside my heart.
I wrestle
with love and fear,
and I wonder
which will win.
stand on the precipice
of wanting and regret.
must decide
if you’re worth the risk
to fall or fly.


Twitter mash up precedes. 🙂


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