I miss you.
I am deserted
and dying
and you leave me
with nothing
but wasted shards
of empty words.
In the pitch black
of night
when no one hears
my muffled cries,
I bleed for you.
In frozen melodies
of ancient songs,
I sing for you
when no one will listen.
What will I be
without this ache?
Who am I now
but a fortress of lies
and unpacked baggage
that always rides passenger
and screams out wrong directions.
I wake up thinking
today will be the day.
Every day.
I think it’s here
and your silence echoes
through the empty walls
of my head
and I go to sleep
thinking tomorrow
will be the day
when I stop being afraid,
when I stop hiding,
when you will finally speak,
but it’s not today
or tomorrow
and I’m still trapped
like a mouse on a wheel,
endlessly chasing
invisible realties.

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