What Are You So Scared Of?

Sometimes I wonder
if I even know you at all,
if you even know yourself.
How can you
mistrust yourself so much?
I remember
a strong boy
who was turning into
a strong man.
He believed in himself
and wanted to conquer the world,
burn it down
and use the ashes
to rebuild something beautiful.
Now I see timid,
Who are you now?
What made you
lose your faith in yourself?
You, who are
wise and
and so loving,
hide under false armor
instead of standing true
to the perfectly flawed you
who I loved then
and still love now.
I just don’t get it.
Maybe I never will.
You think you are
too damaged,
too broken
too unworthy
of loving me
when all I want to do
is feel your love.

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