Jack Daniels
blindsides you
into alcoholic memories
of who we were
on that long ago island
of white and beauty.
Your fingers fumble
with my weathered words,
reading sentiments
that I meant
and probably still mean
even though I’m angry
and exasperated
and sometimes on the verge
of giving up.
But in the black of reminiscence,
your lips
press against my skin,
and I let the madness
overtake me,
pushing me closer
to our shared darkness.
I know you are too broken,
too shattered,
too scarred,
to trust,
so you shy away,
afraid your love
will break me
or you
or maybe shatter
the entire world
you have built around
while your touch is
all I need
to get lost and found
all at once.


Twitter mash up precedes. 🙂

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