Love is given
every time you’re forgiven.
I’ve given you
endless chances
to remember who we were,
who we could be,
but you always give up on yourself
before you realize
that I will take you
however you are
because I forgive
all the flaws that you despise.
You are the missing parts of me
and the missing
doesn’t get easier.
It never will.
It seems like
I’m only getting used to the ache.
It’s my companion
on dark nights
filled with sheeting rain
that pummels the roof
in defiance of our loss.
I hold the missing
between my fingers
and watch it puddle
around my heart
just as the rain
leaks through my roof
and drowns everything I love.
I search the night
for your storm cloud eyes
and the hurricanes
writhing in your veins.
But you are as lost as I am
in this ocean of love
and loss
and unrequited forgiveness.

4 thoughts on “Forgiven

    • Ok, so I think you might have interpreted this in the wrong way. He is not nor has he ever been an abuser. It makes me sad that you’ve understood this poem in that light. I hope you are free from abuse and can see that forgiving someone’s flaws doesn’t mean those flaws have anything to do with abuse. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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