Your eyes
are singing to me
in my sleep.
Dreamy melodies
drift from your gaze
and serenade me
with promises
of nighttime love
that won’t come true
but still,
I listen.
When skies turn grey,
you keep my heart
wrapped up in yours,
soothing my bitter ache
even though your arms
are apparitions in the mist
and I am nothing
but a lost child
adrift in a roiling sea.
Every day
I walk into battle
with nothing
to protect me
but love’s shield.
You are my armor,
my peace,
my war.
You bring me in
from the sheeting rain
that stings my cheeks,
and hold me until
your heart almost breaks,
Here, in the darkness,
you shelter me in
your embrace
made from memories
and patchwork whispers
of promises made
during summer slumbers.
I wonder
what you mean to me,
why I need you
so desperately,
why I cling to pieces
of a broken man
thinking he can fix
my shattered self
when he can’t even fix
his own.
I wonder
what I mean to you
and how you
can forget me so easily
or maybe it’s not forgotten
so much as
everywhere you look
you see echoes of me
swirling around
so that escape is all you seek
since I am lost
and absent from the life
you dreamed we’d have.
We are nothing more
than shadows and sand,
swept away
by time’s wicked wings.


Twitter mash up precedes. 🙂 This one is mostly half Twitter and half new stuff.


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