Fault Lines

My songs
have fallen silent
in the wake
of your absence
and my heart
is two pieces
instead of one,
broken just like
our music.
In the space
between here and then,
I trapped 27 hidden moments
in 27 boxes
in hopes
that you would open them
and find forever.
You bind me like a spell,
forever trapping me
with the sound
of your footsteps.
I will always be
behind your bars,
here in my chosen prison.
This love unsatisfied
is ever present,
smoldering under my skin,
spiraling around my bones,
and shattering all that I am
while these words of longing
spill across my pages
in blood-stained ink.
I dream in poetry
and microcosmic memories
of who we used to be
and wait in sheltered silence
for your light in the darkness.
So here we are
amongst the stars,
between there and now,
falling in time
to naked footsteps
and the shaking fault lines
of our love.


Twitter mash up precedes. 🙂


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