Our demons
blind us
from truth
in our ash-made hearts
until real love,
dangerous and dirty,
shatters our illusions
of heaven.
We play our games,
dancing to darkness
and dueling with shadows
of something we wanted
but could never quite catch.
and live inside
this plastic world
using these facades
as protection
against truth.
This shadow of a man
I once knew
leaves me desperate
for the pieces
you lost and gained
while I stayed trapped
by miles between us.
I am left barren and stumbling, wondering at the infinity of it all
while inside my wooden chest,
I keep a secret
called my heart.
I shelter it
inside my pine-box ribs
and hope it doesn’t fall apart.
Melancholy memories
ricochet around my mind
and I wish the world
had more midnight magic
than lonely longing,
more love than loss.
And I keep wondering
if you know
hiding gets you nowhere
but alone?


Twitter mash up precedes. ๐Ÿ™‚


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