You beckoned me
with your eyes
and I didn’t think
you meant me
until fast-moving hands
and skin meeting skin
at dizzying speeds
made me believe.
Your love is a tumble
of fast approaches
and fire-breathing need.
But I am suffocating
on the illusion
that we could be anything
but two wanderers,
lost in the desolation
of a love that once burned.
I scream out
these words of woe,
this language of longing,
in vicious strings
that shake
in violent contrast
to your silence.
Your arms around me,
your heart beating fast,
I knew you would heal me
with your devotion
and wreck me when you ran.
You left me
on the rocks,
waves pummeling my flesh,
destroying my hope.
In all these corners of dark,
I find our broken pieces,
in the chasm of infinite space
where I build my world of you.


Twitter mash up precedes. 🙂


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