Water and Love

side by side
in the sand,
imprint our presence
on the now.
Such beauty,
when lost,
only leaves
a painful sting.
We met by chance,
a rain-filled sky
dumping water and love
from heaven.
We lost by chance
on a sun-bright beach
where we said goodbye.
I can never love you
the way I want to
because you push back
like an angry child,
throwing my words
like a deck of cards.
We were once
completely here,
joined by indefinable existence.
Now we are barely there,
separated by unexplainable absence.
I saw you as my salvation,
my rescue from tragedy
and the agony of time’s tawdry turn.
Now you’re my dream
stuck in phantom form.
Open me up,
slice me clean through.
I will bleed every word
in violent silence
until there is nothing left
but me and you.
And now my stitches
are wearing thin,
my wounds
breaking open
and baring their
deep blue loss.


Twitter mash up precedes. 🙂


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