You perform
a magic trick
each time
I hear your voice.
My heart balloons
with the helium of love
but words are your weapon
until you vanish,
yanking them into the dark
and leaving me
black and starless.
Your controlled negligence
is glorious insanity,
a reckless waste,
but the cracks are cracking
and your love
is leaking through.
We have become
faceless people,
of who we once were.
Lost in empty rooms
we are nothing
and everything.
I wander
these mundane paths
in search of
something real
and I find myself
lost in you
The world
is a minefield
of memories
a graveyard
of words
a ghost town
filled with
your voice,
Once again
your wicked edges
have razed
my wounded flesh,
and I am
not home
without you.


Twitter mash up precedes. 🙂

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