When will we ever be whole?
When will we ever be magic?
These fractured footsteps
won’t hold us for long
and we walk on these fragile legs
hoping for respite in each other
when all we ever find is confusion
and tired journeys to nowhere in particular.
You see the forest
while I see the trees
so how will we ever find each other
in this haze of nothing and no one?
The ash is ankle deep
and all I breathe is smoke and fire
and want and desire
yet there you walk,
hoping for a bench to rest upon
when all you really need
is my hand in yours,
my heart in yours.
But that’s where it’s always been
because I’ve been searching for it,
locked tight with hide and seek,
shoveling through wrong and right
to find where I left myself
only to realize
I’ve always been with you.


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