Photo Credit: pictify.com

I wish for you
on stars
and eyelashes
and 11:11
hoping that someday
my futile wishes
might come true,
but who wishes
for people?
Maybe someone’s
health or happiness,
but to wish
for a person
seems absurd.
Yet, I wish for you
like you’re an object
I can possess,
like something I can win
or a trophy for my wall,
like something
I desperately need
to have.
Like a keepsake
or a good luck charm
that I can carry
in my pocket
and grasp
for a bit of magic.
I guess it’s not so much
as it is obsession
to have you
to reach out to
in these moments of gray
where I am
neither lost nor found,
neither light nor dark.
I don’t want to own you
no matter how hard or often
I wish to have you.
I want to walk beside you
through the thickets
that life plants in our path.
I want to be your respite
in a hurricane
and your friend
when you’re lonely.
I want to be your possession
as you are mine
and maybe together
we can own this life
we are walking alone.

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