Beatbeatbeat. A bundle of horse hooves gallops recklessly across a heart once made of paper and since turned to twisted bits of rusted wire. Breathebreathebreathe. Anxious strangles my throat, constricting it beyond air or microparticles of moments where I saw your silhouette refracted against a thorn horizon. Beatbeatbeat. This timbered landscape does nothing to ease […]

The Love That Never Was

The love that never was has its own compartment in the closet inside my brain. This mystery drawer holds everything we never were, everything I hoped we could be. Inside, you can find our first vacation to The Keys to visit your grandmother. We walked along the beach, my hand in yours, as stars twinkled […]

In The First Place

I wonder what you do on your walk to work. Or maybe you drive. I see your head bopping along with the rhythms pumping through your earbuds, your muscles tensing as the guitar screams alongside the pounding bass, drums beating faster and faster until it’s a part of your skin, music running through your blood, […]