Shells and sand
and steel drum bands
playing lilting melodies
that float out
over the ocean waves
in soft crescendos.
Before sunset,
beer drinkers
and music listeners
sway to the beats
of bass guitars
and sing along
to classic rock
coming from
the fingers and souls
of mediocre cover bands
but that’s okay
because in this
half bright room,
under these
palm frond eaves,
I can feel the warmth
of your hand in mine.
And this night
seems to last forever
and we walk
on Atlantic sand
under east coast stars
and I can feel the heat
of your love.
But that’s only
a memory
of when I had
less wrinkles and rolls
and regrets
cutting deep lines
in my heart.
You wouldn’t recognize me now
or love me for the girl
I used to be.
I’m pieces
and so are you
but I can still see you sway
as you walked towards me,
still feel the fire
you used to burn.


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