I’ll Remember You


I’ll remember you when I close my eyes, but times have changed and now I’m not the one anymore and we are nothing but pictures of you and me wrapped in a goodbye song. I try to have patience, to wait for the next time I fall in love with someone like you, but it’s yet to happen like it happened with you and my bones ache with the waiting. They say no love is the same which is why I continue to take digital baths in your virtual world instead of living in my real one. I remember when we were young and wild and free and sailing on the waves of your hands in mine, but the skies have turned black and the songs no longer sing. The soundtrack has been thrown off kilter and I can’t see through the November rain. I keep hoping that this is all for a reason, that you will wake up and finally say something instead of nothing. So I will wait for the day you turn your head to the rearview mirror and see me standing in a cloud of longing built for no one but you. *** Our Soundtrack I’ll Remember You, Skid Row Patience, Guns N Roses Digital Bath, Deftones Black, Pearl Jam November Rain, Guns N Roses Sail, Awolnation Mirror, Lil Wayne Young and Wild and Free, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg Pictures of You, The Cure If I Ever Fall in Love, Shai Someone Like You, Adele Say Something, Great Big World For a Reason, Zhane I Will Wait, Mumford and Sons Goodbye Song, Elizaveta Written in response to the Daily Prompt–Cue the Violins.

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