Sometimes It’s Noon

it’s three am
and the walls
look like phantoms
or memories.
I’m not sure which.
Then it’s noon
and I wonder
why the sun
is so bright
when the shadows
are so dark.
it’s raining
and your voice
on my rooftop,
singing alongside
the drops.
Before I can think,
it’s hot
and the air
sticks to me
in silent longing
for fingertips
and soft lips
like the ones
you used to have.
And then,


it’s raining
in the middle
of summer
and the sun
peeks through
granite clouds
and it’s 3 am
and I’m not sure
if I hear your voice
or if it’s all
in my head,
if it’s only me
wishing you
were here
to tell me
that it’s only noon.


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