Emotions (for lack of a better title)

Emotions are deep, primal, lingering. They bleed bright instead of gray, crimson pain scratched into your arms. Yet what is living if not with emotion? I loved you and it still lingers inside my bones, clings to the inside of my ribcage. And it’s worth this agony, this thirst that consumes, because loving you built […]

Take a Picture

“Take a picture,” he said, the white tassle of the Santa hat dangling in his eyes. I stared, not wanting him to see the desire hiding beneath my skin. His muscles tensed turning his tattoos into even more grotesque images of skulls and goblins, but I had always thought those pictures beautiful because they lived […]

And It’s Christmas Eve

I wonder if you’re left-handed and then I keep thinking this is something I should know but I don’t remember ever seeing you write. How can I love someone and not know what hand they favor? That seems absurd but nonetheless, my breath catches on the words left unsaid, those lingering moments of ephemeral completeness […]