This Room

One more tick tock
one more merry-go-round
one more upswing
and one more down.
It’s the end
and the beginning
but my time
stays linear
starting and ending
with the want
of you
here we go
with resolutions
and deals
and mine is always
to forget about you
so I sit
in front of pine trees
encircled by love
but lacking
the light in your eyes
the mischievousness
in your smile
and the lights flash
and paper is peeled
just like my heart
just like this skin
that clings
to my bones
and aches
for a graze
of your fingertips
a glance of your eye
from across
this imaginary room
made of mountains
and rivers
and pain
and loss
this room
the size of a continent
where you stand
by the ocean
and I’m stuck
in the snow.

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