Human Nature

You told me once
how you couldn’t imagine
anyone believing in you
the way I do,
that my words
didn’t make sense
with your own perception
of yourself.
I shook my head
at these insecurities
that I found silly,
Of all the people
revolving around my world,
I see you purely,

But tonight
I was washing the dishes
and listening to a song
you keep posting.
One about losing
a girl,
how he didn’t know better
until he lived without her.
I keep dreaming
that you post this sad music
and think of me
but I tell myself
that I’m not good enough,
not special
or pretty enough
for you to think about me
like this.

So here we are,
on two separate coastlines
thinking we aren’t good enough
for each other.
You with your sad music
that lays bare
your deep regrets and doubts
and me with my poems
that leave my heart empty
for the want of someone
I don’t think I deserve.

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