I dreamed
of snow falling,
soft whispers
of longing
spelled out
in your breath
and your footsteps
made echoes
of paper mache kisses
trapped in sunset beaches
and locked in hearts
without keys.
We walked in the white
until it turned into sand
and we floated
between the floors
of heaven and land
where wishes come true
and memories
stay present
instead of glimmering
into past.
We spoke into pieces
wondering if the words
would make us whole
but it was only
a rain shower
of letters
written in the blood
of our love
and wooing over wires
sparking with
the longing
that can’t be abated
by dreams
of snowy summers
or water-splashed wantings.
It’s always
only a reminder
of what’s out of our reach–
my fingers in yours
under crimson sunset skies.


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