Love Up Close

I never had a chance
to love you,
not the up close,
every day chance
I deserved.
The love you saw
was a spoonful
compared to
the mighty adoring
trapped within this shell
I call a soul,
and yet I’ve loved you
every day of my life.
I’ve lived lifetimes
with you
in my poems and prose,
and our dreams rose
from the darkness
inside of my mind.
But I’ve never
brought you lunch
at work
or bought Christmas presents
for your mom.
I’ve never yelled at you
for forgetting to buy milk,
and I’ve never apologized
when you went
all the way
across town
at midnight
just so I would smile.
I’ve never loved you
up close,
not really,
because we’ve always been
too late
and too far
and too lost.


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