Pressing Delete

You’re deleting yourself
from the world
and it feels like
you’re deleting yourself
from me
all over again.
And maybe you are.
Maybe you found out
that I’m obsessed
and crazy
and so unstable
that all I do
is look at a page
I shouldn’t be able to see
from an account
that only exists
to share with the world
the pain of your absence.
You’ve probably discovered
that I can’t stop,
can’t walk away
even though you said
walking away
was the only choice we had,
which means
I’m completely lost,
and hopelessly
but wasn’t I that way
to start with?
The moment we parted,
I became half,
because you filled me up
which means
I’ve always been lost,
aimless without you.
If you know,
it will be the end of me
which is strange
because all I’ve ever wanted
is for you to know.

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