Two Paths

I found a road
to places I’ve never seen,
stores I’ve never stopped at,
gas stations I’ve never passed.
I took some steps
toward these spaces,
these foreign faces,
but the holes
were too big
and the path too overgrown,
so I turned around instead.
The call of home
felt too familiar,

too easy.

But easy turned too hard
and I can see another fork
up ahead,
these diverging paths
where I must choose again.

And I keep wondering
if I’ve found that unknown road
I turned from so long ago.
Will I have finally returned
to the beginning,
to that treacherous path
I left behind?


We read Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” today in my freshman English class. Then, they wrote haikus and Twitter poems which were incredibly amazing! Here is my poem inspired by them and him, as always. ~Patience 🙂


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