The sun
winking to gray shimmer
on the horizon,
the darkness
creeps in
on thief feet.
The car is warm,
cozy air
drifting on melodies
and cherry lights
dotting the skyline.
We float
into this moment
when things look
and foreign.
The known
becomes a mystery
and this could be
any road
to any town.
And I am lonely
in this life
where I’m grown
but not grown up
and the twenty-two year old me
strange streets
and faces
and dusky moments
day and night
where everything
lay ahead
and the past
was just childhood games.
I want to pull
into a roadside diner
with air made of
sticky freedom
and pancake dreams
and belong
with the other travelers
just passing through.
I want this town
to be your town
and this road,
the one that carried me
to you.


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