Shared Ink

At the moment
we shared voice
my heart stopped 
pumping blood and
started pumping you.

Your words 
moved through me 
like warm whispers 
of summer rain. 
With each verse, 
my veins pulsed 
with this spiral 
of thought 
and meaning 
and profundity 
in ink and blood.

But my sudden love
had Worry’s shadow,
for what would remain of me
after the emotional storm? 
Would not the rains cease
and the ink and blood dry?

Would not the world 
end its turning 
and send me spinning 
into the oblivion 
I sought 
when I reached 
for your hand? 
I can see the way 
these shared words 
ignite you, 
but I’m afraid 
this fire 
will burn those 
ink stained pages 
and bury us 
in crumbling cities 
of words and rubble.


This poem is the result of a collaboration with Benjamin Grossman at The Breakdown of Taboo. Check out his amazing writing!


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