Your cat’s name

She had
emerald eyes
and brown spots
on her fluffy white fur.
She was thirteen
when I met her,
and I remember
you telling me
her since
you were
a child
green hills.

But then I’d catch you

holding her

and whispering
in her ear.

You’d smile
and pat her
on her l      a      z      y head
secure with keeping your secret:

You loved her
when no one
was looking.

Maybe that’s how
you love in real life.

You told the world
when you lost her.
I wish you would tell
the world
how you








This was written as part of the Blogging U poetry course.  The prompt was animals, the form was concrete, and the device was enjambment.  I’m not good with concrete but I like spacing and layout exploration, so I went with that instead. Let me know what you think! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Jackie

  1. I enjoy your concrete style. Practice it more because I’m sure you can convey some interesting concepts with the shoes your stanza(s) create 🙂 Something I’ve been playing with a lot lately I call formed stanzas, which, to me, is basically versed concrete form. Try it out. Check out Sight Beyond Sight on my page. Ben appeased my curiosity and it turned out good. I’m working on another one similar, but different counts with another writer at the moment.

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    • I couldn’t get my shapes to stay after I hit publish. I am not so experienced with formatting on WP because I almost always post from my phone. I’d use all types of cool spacing and when I looked at 5 he final draft, it would all disappear. 😦
      Oh well! 🙂

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      • Well, if you use your home computer, when in the post screen, notice there is a visual/text tab that allows you to get a sneak-peak at some of the coding used that dictates that sort of thing. For instance, the code for a space between stanzas, or lines, is as simple as  


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