Righteous Immorality

I feel unhinged,
bitterly appalled
by your unintelligible
askance concerning the
riveting thoughts I posses,
the ones that hunt down
your failed ideologies,
crush your illusions
of aptitude,
and force you to
retrace the lines in
the mazes you create

These questions and reasonings
playing jump rope with my mind
deserve attention,
grace and consideration,
despite the narrow alleys you walk,
despite the doors you close
on my incessant need
for a voice in this
chaos of corruption

My only solace is
the empowerment I
glean from knowing what
lies behind your mask,
behind the facade
polish so incessantly –
yet even the cracks in your
veneer are like fractured
willing and wanting
to splinter,
to repudiate the filth
that is tethered to
your terse gimmicks

My comfort
comes from believing in
this me I’m trying to be,
that your ugly words
and ludicrous antics
are only an obstacle
on my journey
to becoming what you are not,
to creating a world
where truth is revered,
a place where the cracks
are healed instead of hidden

(This is part of a poetic collaboration between myself and Christopher Rupley. His talent is beyond words, so visit his blog, The Brown Bag Special, and read some more amazing poetry.)

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