Should Have…

I wish I would have known
that everything
we would ever know
was right here.
All the fragments
of forever
were locked within
a few short days
and we never realized
all we needed
was already there.
I should have stayed
and you should have asked
and all of the shoulds
are in the past
but they are also
right here waiting
for us
to find them.


10 thoughts on “Should Have…

  1. I been reading over all your words lately they are beutiful you have a gift. I been thinkinking about you though not in a weird way. I can’t quite figure out if this is fiction it may be but just in case its not. My mom told me one time to keep my fantasizes in a fantasizes because their not what we have dreamed up and sometimes it’s best to keep things right where they are so you don’t ruin what you do have, also I am hoping someday you can be free!


    • It’s not fiction. I guess I have some stories that are completely unrelated, but the large majority is true. I agree with your mom. I know he is probably not how he used to be, that it’s all just hopes and dreams. I hope you are right. Thanks for your advice and comments as always. 🙂

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