Empty Carts

I thought I’d reblog some old posts. Enjoy!




Photo Credit: deviantart.com Photo Credit: deviantart.com

It wouldn’t have

worked out anyway.

I tell myself

these lies

in hopes that

my heart will

eventually believe


will eventually

quell the pain

that slowly

circumnavigates my

body and drives

tiny splinters

of missing

underneath my

chewed fingernails.

That pain

chauffers me to

my next poem,

my next letter

or word.

This verse

would not be

as gripping,

as glamorously dirty

without those

tiny shards of

your memory

lodged inside

my lungs.

I cannot breathe

without breathing


I cannot drink

without every

sip tasting of

your memory.

I take my tea

with milk

and a spoonful

of your chocolate


and my daily trips

to the market

are marked

by wonderings

about your

daily trip to the market.

Stop forcing me

to paint these

pages with pining.


and I will survive.

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