I really think this one is pretty good. I hope you guys aren’t minding the reblogs.





I have built
a graveyard
of discarded words.
I scratch out ideas
on blank pages
only to deign them unfit
to explore the feelings folded
inside my heart.
These dead words
swirl and
flutter and
I bury them
under more dying verse
in hopes that some will live,
grow into something
and profound
and useful.
Covered with dirt,
they cannot
breathe or
emit or
but they are dead anyway
and used to cracking
and crumbling
beneath mountains
of their brethren
who were not sound enough
to make it
into these yearning lines.
I’ve built a graveyard
of words
not worthy
of your ears,
your eyes,
just as I am not worthy
of the love
you hold at bay.
Come find me
in my cemetery
of dead poems
that only you can revive
into beauty
the way my clumsy hands
have failed.

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