Cruel Silence

You say you try
not to hurt those you love,
those who love you.
I wonder then
if you realize
the cruelty
in your silence,
the evil in your quiet?

I know it’s to protect you,
to keep safe
your delicate heart
from rupturing with finality,
from shattering your world
into eternity
and scattering your bits
across universes
not yet found.

But what I don’t know is
if you understand
what it’s doing to me.
Do you know
how I am
and jagged
because of you?
Do you know
how your back and forth
does nothing
but stretch and pull
until I am nothing
but rubber and plastic,
worn out and useless?

If you knew,
things might be different.
They might be beautiful.
But if you know,
then how can you let
the torture continue?
How can you allow
the words to hang
in between us,
never spoken,
never voiced,
so that I endlessly crumble
into nothing?



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