What They Don’t Say

They say
hearts can be healed
and they say
the breaking and mending hurts,
but they don’t explain
the feeling
of floating aimlessly
on wild waves,
the endless loops
of moments played
on tired record players
screeching out our loss.
No one tells you
how your chest
will cave in
or that breathing
becomes a conscious effort.
When it catches you
off guard,
when the air
becomes smoke
and you choke
and gulp down the sobs
bubbling up from your heart,
you realize
what they meant
when they said
it hurt,
just not like you expected.
It’s so much worse
because the loss
hides in every minute
and each corner
and you watch it
seep out of your skin.
It’s in your bones
as well as your head
and you realize
that nothing
will ever be
the same.



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