When Money Didn’t Matter

I had nothing
but a bus ticket
and a backpack
the day I decided to go.

You said it didn’t matter,
that you had
everything I needed.

And you did.

For two weeks
and thirteen years,
you have always been
what I need.

* * *

Written in response to the NaPoWriMo prompt, money. I struggled with this one because I hate money in all forms, and I didn’t want to write an angry poem. This is about one of the many, many times in my life (including now) where I had nothing and the one time where it didn’t matter.




2 thoughts on “When Money Didn’t Matter

  1. I understand your struggle about money… I have the same disdain for it. I am glad you took the high road and didn’t write in anger… this is such a lovely poem. I remember when I had little and it didn’t matter. Some of my best memories. Enjoyed this!

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