The concrete
under my soles
and tennis shoes
hung precariously
from drooping wires
signaling nefarious men
doing nefarious deeds.

We drove through blocks
of crumbling houses
with rough men
sitting on steps
and car trunks,
children on bikes
and skateboards.

These shapes
and figures carved
from memory
move and writhe
below my eyelids,
and I always see you


beside me,

showing me worlds
I’d never seen.
City blocks with you
were always longer than
country miles back home,
but the spaces
looked the same.
The same sadness
and need
reflecting from faces
in windows
and you reminding me
to forget that I was one of them.

Traveling through
those permanent places,
those solid shapes
of true loss,
reminded me
how little time
we had left,
and I closed my eyes
to brand your kindness,
your acceptance
into my heart.

And it’s still there,
waiting for you
to solidify
into concrete vision,
so that I can finally
touch you
instead of
just remember.

* * *

This was written in response to the NaPoWriMo prompt to write a poem that is shaped like something. I call them concrete poems, and I’m not good at doing this with my phone. So, I took the prompt as a theme instead. I hope you enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚




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