Impossibly Blue: Take Two


Photo c5redit: Patience; Location: Port St. Lucie, Florida

The sky was
impossibly blue.
Coastal roads carried us
past miles of endless beach
stretched out like a lover
sweetly caressing
the oncoming waves.

Pearl Jam’s Black
mixing with wind,
floating out
through open windows,
this moment–
a snapshot
of sand between my toes,
warm water lapping at my feet,
his voice whispering in my ear,
fingers brushing against my cheek,
lips slowly pressing into mine.

“This is my favorite place,”
he said,
eyes twinkling
in bright sunshine.

Down a sandy path
edged with weathered railings,
sea grass,
piles of white sand,
a cerulean ocean stretched out,
waves cresting,
setting patches of white foam
on the sandy shore.

And tears on my cheeks.
His fingers holding mine,
the salty sea in front
and green trees behind.

Life would never
be the same
without him.
I walked onto that bus
and lost him.

My dreams are made
from sand and ocean,
sea shell and sea grass.
I hear the wind
blowing in my sleep,
calling me back to him,
beckoning me to wake up,
that the life I’m living
is the dream
and I will open my eyes
with his kisses
on my throat,
his hand in mine.

* * *

Ok. The NaPoWriMo prompt today was to turn a piece of prose into a poem. I decided to go back to my most popular and Freshly Pressed piece, Impossibly Blue, and turn it into a poem. Which piece do you like better?



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