I know many things,
like the color
of your eyes
in the midst
of a summer thunderstorm
or the reason
your voice
twitches up
at the edges
when you say
my name.
I know
the way your skin
smells of salt
and laundry soap
no matter the time of day
and how you like
to eat chicken wings
when you watch football.
I know how your hand
feels in mine
and how our bodies fit,
no space for air between,
only desire to drown
in each other’s touch.
I know about
your past and mine,
how these paths parted
and wound back again,
never parallel,
never touching
for more than a moment.
I know all these things
about time
and love
and poetry.
I know sand
and breeze
and ocean waves
kissing my feet.
I know so much
about this world,
this life,
but I don’t know
or the way you
drink your coffee.
I don’t know how
you look
when your heart
overruns with sorrow
and I don’t know
your favorite song.
I don’t know
so much more
than what I know
that it’s as if
all I know
has vanished.

* * *

This was written in response to the NaPoWriMo prompt, a poem about knowing. Enjoy!



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