Mixed Words

Your mouth tastes like
summer and sunlight
under a bright blue sky.
I can’t keep my fingers
out of your hair
and I wonder why
it turns pale yellow
in the sun.

These days are a tableau,
you here for just a moment
but your green eyes
stay tangible
as if I can reach out
and feel you again.
As if your laughter echoes
from another room,
the one where you slept
for the best two weeks
of my life.

But I know you are
a lifetime away
and I am in ruins
awaiting reconstruction
by your able hands,
but I will never be enough for you.

I am not the man you imagine.
I never have been.

You deserve stars
and sunshine kisses,
and I am nothing
but smoke and darkness.

* * *

This was written in response to the NaPoWriMo prompt to write from someone else’s perspective. He has said less poetic versions of this many times so here is my more poetic version of his voice. A poem of mixed words.




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