Before I Wake Up

I dream about you
in this foggy way
where your face
fades in and out
like wind in a chimney.
You are there
and not there
and your eyes change
from brown to green
because I used to think
they were brown
but now I’m not so sure.
Your limbs are liquid,
mercury on mirrors
reflecting pieces
of your body
against cloudy shapes
of people I’ve never seen.
And it’s you,
in all these murky shadows.
Hands and
skin and
voice twisting
into braids of certainty
that it could only
ever be
in these haunted dreams
that waver
and shimmer
and disappear
before I wake up.



10 thoughts on “Before I Wake Up

  1. It’s funny how memory plays tricks on us… we forget important details of those we once loved (still love?!) when we’ve been away from them so long… I’ve recently reconnected with the man I have loved for 28 years… I had forgotten his hands, but I remember always looking at others’ hands in comparison. Of course, there were no comparisons… none were ever his. This detail of memory only returned to me when I held his hands again recently. I am sure you would remember HIS eyes again instantly and wonder why you had forgotten if you ever saw him again. Your words always bring out little instances like this for me… it’s why I find your work so fascinating. ~Lori~

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