On My Way

Wheels humming against hot asphalt and I’m coming. Frantic landscapes speed by through blurry windows and I’m coming. Quick transfers, rushed exchanges, bags banging against my legs as I run, and I keep chanting, I’m coming. Bus slows and so does time as your face becomes real for the first time in two years and […]


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Photo Credit: cdmramzi.com ? The rearview mirror calls my name, begging me to turn around! go back! STOP! The past haunts me with flash bulbs filled with liquid-brown eyes, mischievous smiles, rough fingers carved by guitar strings. When I look back, I see you and me sitting on a broken dock,…

Impossibly Blue: Take Two

The sky was impossibly blue. Coastal roads carried us past miles of endless beach stretched out like a lover sweetly caressing the oncoming waves. Pearl Jam’s Black mixing with wind, floating out through open windows, this moment– a snapshot of sand between my toes, warm water lapping at my feet, his voice whispering in my […]

Break the Rules

I can’t write with rules or restrictions. Sonnets and haiku and caesuras, enjambment and meter and sapphics. I need s        p         a         c         e to stretch my arms and twist my words into whatever shape they find. I cannot hold to these rhyme schemes and stanza forms and rhythmic patterns penned by the greats and […]