I just don’t understand
what it is about you
that makes me so crazy.
I can’t breathe
and my heart seems
as if it’s stopped beating
but then it starts again
like a quick release
of the brakes.
It beats a bit faster
and for a minute
I wonder if I’m dying.
And your words
shoot through my brain,
rocket ships of letters
on this path to the past,
you saying you never forgot,
that you wanted me to know
as if I’d have wanted any less,
your words
spaced out
with ellipses,
punctuated with doubt.
Those words
that meant possibility,
they were there
until you said
it would be better
to forget
because nothing
could be done,
now that we’d made our choices
it was too stupid,
too painful
to keep wanting,
waiting for a day
that wouldn’t come,
but I still sit here
because action
is too frightening
for reality
and I think
you’re waiting too,
but probably
not for long.




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