Where does this
curtain of dark,
this shade of gloom
come from?
How can life
seem light
and then so heavy?
The gravity
seems stronger
these days
and the gray
ever closer
to covering completely,
its ashen walls
closing in on me.
Summer is a time
for goodbyes
and it’s almost here again,
the sun
mixed with
storm clouds
hiding my truth,
the long days
of longing
for this to be that,
for here to be there.
Where I spend
inordinate amounts
of time
gazing at someone
I will never touch
and avoiding
those I can.
The gloom
comes with the sun
but stays with the snow.
Soon I’ll be
so buried
in gloom
and winter
that even you
won’t be able
to dig me out.




5 thoughts on “Gloom

  1. Wow, Patience… “Summer is a time for goodbyes”… I understand that line so very well… I lost someone the day before summer solstice in 2010… she was very important to me, but not enough for her to stick around… she left for Canada that day (which happened to be my birthday too)… I feel all of your pain in this one… and the Winter part… wow! stunning!

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