Not the Same

I keep thinking
that it would be
the same,
you know,
but it wouldn’t.
How could it?
I mean,
months have faded to years,
and we are new and old
all at once,
so how could it ever be the same?
All this difference
and darkness
and daily life
in between your hands and mine.
We are nothing like
the memories we replay
on lonely nights,
nothing like the faces
we once wore.
Our skin is stitched through
with time,
and we are shadows instead.
So I couldn’t curl into your arms
or kiss your mouth
the same as I did before.
I couldn’t laugh
with the same familiarity
or lie naked next to you
because we are not the same.
Or am I wrong?
Am I blind to believe
that it would be different
than it was
because the last time
we were reunited,
you held me like
no time had passed.




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