We Have Always Been

You have always been
too afraid to fight,
too afraid to do what you feel.
You walk around
like the world owes you something,
like it’s all been so unfair
but do you realize
that it’s all about choices?
You chose this path
and so did I,
but it feels wrong,
like we took a wrong turn
a decade ago
and now no amount of swimming
will take us back to that harbor,
the one where we were
one and together
instead of continents apart.
Now you roil in self-doubt and anger
and I splash my way through regret.
This fear paralyzes and antagonizes
until we are frozen in now,
where our choices are past
and our futures are set
instead of realizing
that choices never end.
They only continue
until we understand
that happiness, love, life
is a choice,
one that we cannot neglect.




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