When Words Don’t Come

When the words
won’t come,
when I stutter
instead of flow,
when I am a ball
of wires
scratching against
the wall of language,
I wonder
if it’s finally over,
if it has dissipated
into that foggy realm
of old photos
and misted memories,
if this love
has eased
into loved.
Has the ache vanished
alongside the verse
because I feel
empty of lines
to prove this love
but I guess
I was never trying
to prove it to you
or even to myself.
I was trying
to write through it,
to walk a path
towards the life
I’m supposed to want,
picket fences
and babies
and vacations in Cabo.
But I keep seeing
your face,
your eyes looking at me,
begging me to stay
just one more day
and that perfect life
I’m supposed to want
keeps fading.




2 thoughts on “When Words Don’t Come

    • It’s funny. I wrote this about a week ago and must have forgotten about it. I was going through drafts and decided to publish as is (except line breaks which I never make until I publish), so it is quite raw in that respect. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. 🙂 🙂

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